Things That Make Women From The Age Of 60 Look Their Best

Things That Make Women From The Age Of 60 Look Their Best
Things That Make Women From The Age Of 60 Look Their Best

Many older women are concerned about whether they should still put on makeup. However, if you have always done this, you don’t have to do without it even in the elderly, especially since a well-applied makeup makes your skin look fresher and often makes the woman appear much younger. Inked eyelashes and a matching eye shadow also make the eyes shine, and a beautiful lipstick gives the whole face a more lively expression.

How To bring fresh and natural look ?

A makeup that is too strong can quickly clog up a face and make it look unnatural. Better than powder that settles in the wrinkles around the eyes and mouth are a liquid foundation, tinted day creams or perfecting day fluids that hide small wrinkles, blemishes or age spots. The shade of the makeup should match the skin exactly – a shade that is too dark or too light often looks mask-like because the neck, arms, and hands have a different color. So that the complexion glows, blush in warm tones can be applied from the cheekbones to the temple. Colors such as apricot or rosé are pleasant, making a face appear fresh and not covered with makeup.

Makes brilliant eyes with eyeshadow and mascara

Just as fashion keeps changing, so make makeup habits. While gaudy eyeshadow and kohl-eyed eyes were chic in the 1970s, it is now more unpleasant to notice when you are younger. Less is more here, and therefore eye makeup should avoid using too intensely colored products. Eyeshadows in rose or copper tones and mascara in brown or gray look more natural and emphasize the look. If you want to cover dark circles under your eyes, apply a light concealer. Eyebrows that are too bushy can be plucked a little, but should not be emphasized too much with makeup.

Choose lip color and contour pencils in natural colors

Lipsticks come in many colors and different consistencies. Most products contain valuable care substances that keep the lips from dryness.

If you already have small wrinkles around your mouth, you have to apply the paint very carefully so that it doesn’t run. Painting the mouth with a contour pencil in the same color as the lipstick is helpful here. This not only prevents leakage but also makes the mouth appear fuller. An alternative to conventional lipstick is lip gloss or lip color for application with a brush. For lipstick to last longer on the lips, cosmeticians recommend lightly powdering your mouth after applying the first layer of paint and then applying another layer.

However, too bright colors should also be avoided with lipstick. Colors like toffee, rosé, or mauve are better.

How To find your best style ?

If you are unsure which colors and products are best suited and fit your type, you can get intensive advice, including skin type and health tests, not only in cosmetic studios but also in many perfumeries and pharmacies. This means that intolerances and allergic reactions can be ruled out before you buy a product. Type advice on fashion and makeup tips can also help you find your style. For example, consultants can be found on the Internet. Often, however, hairdressers or cosmetic studios also offer this service.

Why is it more challenging to make up well in old age ?

Because the facial features shift somewhat in advanced age, therefore, you should work against this by applying makeup. For example, the eye shapes are optically corrected by the correct use of eye shadows.

The right eye shadow color should also be selected because this is crucial to create the eye shape. Simply brushing an eyeshadow on the eyelid, or in the worst case, just something glittering is not enough to give the eyes an optimal shape. It should be a little bit more!

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