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1. Refreshing Shampoo

Most dog shampoos that do not contain harmful chemicals and perfumes will clean your dog’s fur, but do little to nothing about their natural dog odor. This simple recipe will help remove your dog’s unpleasant odors and keep him smelling clean and fresh all day.


240ml all-natural dog shampoo.
3 drops Sweet Marjoram.
4 drops Geranium Oil.
4 drops Roman Chamomile.
7 drops Lavender Oil.

Mix all ingredients and use the shampoo on wet fur. You will want to massage the shampoo into your dog’s wet fur and let it sit for 3 — 5 minutes for the oils to do its work; make sure to cover as much of your pet’s body as you can, but avoid your dog’s eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. Let Rinse and towel dry.

2. Bad Odor Spray

If you need something that will get rid of the bad dog, smells rather quickly, then this recipe is just what you need. This recipe is a topical mixture that you can spray once a day every day for 2 weeks. After which you will want to provide your dog a short break of a few days as dogs are highly sensitive to essential oils compared to humans. If you wish to use this spray frequently, you can use hydrosol instead of essential oils.


1 cup distilled water.
3 drops Eucalyptus Oil.
6 drops Peppermint Oil.
6 drops Sweet Orange Oil.
10 drops Lavender Oil.

Add all ingredients in a drizzle bottle and mix well. Spray the mixture on your dog’s body, but avoid contact with his face, especially his eyes.

3. Soothing Dog Shampoo

Make this dog shampoo from scratch at home and be reassured your dog is getting the best quality ingredients every time you wash him. This homemade dog shampoo is safe for dogs, and v€ill leave a lasting fresh smell. This recipe is also gentle on dog fur with lavender, aloe vera, and coconut oil to condition and enrich your dog’s skin and fur at the same time.


4-5 oz. distilled purified water.
4-5 oz. Aloe Vera.
5 drops Lavender Oil.
2 tbsp Coconut Oil.
2 tbsp Castile Soap.
2 drops Roman Chamomile.
2 drops Thieves Oil.
2 drops Citronella Oil.
2 drops Purification.
1 drop Cedarwood Oil.

Mix all ingredients and store in a pump bottle. Massage it into your dog’s coat to make him feel refreshed and smelling good. Use this shampoo like any regular shampoo you can find at the pet store.

4. Grooming Shampoo

Use this shampoo recipe on your dog to give him a refreshing look and a lovely smell. It is best used while brushing your dog, as a detangle spray or as a finishing spray.


10 oz. distilled/purified water.
2 oz. Aloe Vera.
1 tbsp Castile Soap.
2 drops Rosemary Oil.
2 drops Lavender Oil.
2 drops Eucalyptus Oil.
2 drops Peppermint Oil.

Join all ingredients in a spray bottle and shake well. Use this shampoo to rinse your pet and make sure to avoid contact with his eyes. It is best only to spray the body while using this recipe. This mixture can be stored for up to a month if stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. There is no need to use a dark-colored glass for storage as once mixed with mineral distilled water; the oils within this recipe will have a considerably shorter shelf-life.

5. Doggy Deodorizer

This has to be the simple recipe for managing your dog’s odor. This quick and simple mixture will eliminate stinky dog smell and help deodorize your home. It’s best used as a quick solution to manage the odor problems during rainy days or in humid weather. You can also spray this mixture onto upholstery. However, you will also want to keep the room well ventilated if used extensively around the house. The smell of bergamot oil may irritate your dog in large quantities. Ensure your dog is capable of escaping the room. The spray is used whenever they feel like it.


8 oz. purified water.
10-15 drops Bergamot Oil.

Combine water and oil in a spray bottle and spritz it around your dog 2-3 times per week. Avoid spraying him in the face.

6. Easy Dry Dog Shampoo Recipe

Some dogs don’t like bath time. They’ll run around the house all day, trying to avoid the dreaded bath. This recipe is for those special pups that can’t stand getting wet. Dry shampoo is a great alternative for occasional cleaning as it gets dirt and odor out of the fur.


3-6 drops Lavender or Lemon Oil.
1 cup cornstarch.
1 cup baking soda.

Apply the mixture on your pet and massage into his skin using your hands. You will want to let the powder mixture to sit for 5 — 10 minutes. This will allow the baking powder to deodorize your dog by absorbing the dirt and oils from the fur. Then you brush your dog down thoroughly to get the excess dry shampoo out of your dog’s fur. This is a good dog shampoo to use from time to time. However, do not use this method too often as baking soda tends to build up in the fur.

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