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1. Equipment

As you can see, sugar and salt scrubs can be very easy to make and beneficial when used regularly. If you are new to a do-it-yourself beauty product lifestyle, you may not know that the ingredients for your next exfoliating facial scrub are right in your kitchen. Fortunately, it is straightforward to make your sugar scrub. As long as you know which tools to use, you can successfully create your scrubs weekly. Many of the ingredients commonly used to make a sugar scrub at home can be regularly found in your kitchen. One of the best aspects of creating your sugar scrub at home is the versatility of ingredients.

If you are choosing to make an effort to make your scrubs, choose a repurposed container for its storage. A popular option is a glass container, such as a jam or sauce jar, a glass bottle, or a mason jar. Make confirmed that it has a lid with a proper seal, in case you make extra and want to use it within the week. To create the scrub, get a large mixing bowl and spoon, and gather all ingredients. Mix according to the recipe, and make sure all ingredients blend well. It should be fairly easy, as most recipes use oil a great unifier! Mix well before you apply your scrub to your face and body.
Of course, you can store your homemade scrub any way you like, especially if you are getting creative and sending it as a gift. Use ribbon or a customized label to decorate the outside of a jar or other container and truly make it your own.

2. Basic Techniques

If there is going to be one thing that is often repeated throughout this guide, making a homemade scrub is easy. So, naturally, the basic techniques that are used are easy to follow. It is almost as if anyone can do it!

3. Creating the Scrub

The first step is to create a scrub. Gather your ingredients, mix them in a bowl, and get ready to be truly rejuvenated. When you apply the scrub itself is when the magic truly happens. Make sure to tie your hair back before applying your scrub, unless you are okay with sugar or baking soda in your hair.

4. Tools for Use

The most important tool that you need always wash your face beforehand. It is most useful to wash with warm water. This will help to open your pores, and you will be able to wash away more dirt and oil. You may also achieve this by placing a warm wet towel over your face.

The best tools to use are a loofah or scrub brush when you have applied the scrub to your face. You do not want to be too cruel, but you are aiming to exfoliate your skin properly. A facial loofah, sponge, or brush are great tools for maximizing your homemade facial scrub exfoliation. Lastly, rinse with warm water as you would do with any other facial cleanser or mask. Splash cold water on your skin to aid minimize pores and prevent new dirt and oil from getting in where it doesn’t belong.
If you have made a fantastic facial scrub and have some leftover, store it for later use in an airtight container. However, you will need to use it within a few days, especially if you are using food-grade ingredients such as oatmeal, banana, olive, or almond oil. It is recommended that you use a facial scrub one to two times per week, but those with sensitive skin should save that in mind when using facial scrubs. Always listen to your skin, so if it becomes irritated or red, adjust your use or scrubs accordingly.

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