Cancer Nutrition & Anti-Cancer Smoothie Ingredients


It’s essential to pay attention to nutrition because the cancer is going to drain your body of all the things that make it strong and give it energy.

You’ll need to replace a lot of the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that certain drugs and treatments deplete. You also want to keep yourself as healthy as possible, so you’re equipped to fight the disease.

Your nutritional plan will depend on your cancer, your overall health, and your treatment plan. For example, if you’re undergoing surgery to have cancer removed, you’ll likely be put on a low fibre diet to lessen stomach cramping, gas, and other digestive and intestinal hazards.

Building your immune system is essential regardless of cancer you’re fighting. When your body is better equipped to fight off diseases and threats, you’re in a position of power that can overcome nearly anything. That’s why it’s important to feed yourself ingredients that include antioxidants for the best possible immune health.  

Anti-Cancer Smoothie Ingredients

You may be wondering what your anti-cancer smoothies will contain. It’s hard to know what you’ll feel like eating and what you won’t want to touch. You might find that your appetite changes dramatically, and things you once loved are now repulsive to you. Don’t force yourself to eat something that doesn’t taste right.

The ingredients you use for your smoothies, you should be fresh, healthy, and excellent at helping you fight your cancer battle.

Think about colourful foods and how great they are for your health. Foods that have rich colours are high in phytonutrients, which are plant compounds that keep you healthy and can inhibit cancer growth. Colourful foods are also rich in minerals and vitamins, which are important nutrients for your body.

Red foods like watermelon, apples, tomatoes, strawberries, and raspberries will all help create yummy smoothies that keep you well.  

Orange foods are also good for you; tangerines, oranges, and carrots, as well as squash, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin. If you love a seasonally-inspired pumpkin spiced latte as a coffee drinker, you’ll enjoy the smoothie you can create to maximize the health benefits of pumpkin while you recover from treatment.

In the green food category, your smoothie recipes will include nutrients that pack a healthy punch. Broccoli, spinach, kale, celery, and avocado all carry extra antioxidants that can suppress cancer growth and block healthy cells from turning into cancer cells.

Some other unique ingredients will keep your smoothies tasting excellent and easy to digest. Garlic is a super-food that’s well known to the scientific community as well as healthy eaters.

Garlic includes a compound called allyl sulfur that slows the growth of cancer cells. Many studies have shown that increasing your garlic intake can fight off certain types of cancers, particularly stomach cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer.

According to the National Cancer Institute, garlic can block the formation of cancer-causing agents in your body, and it also raises your natural antibacterial capabilities.

While you might not immediately think of garlic as an ideal ingredient for a smoothie, when it’s mixed with other superb fruits and vegetables, it works. Spices and herbs will also play a role in cancer-fighting smoothies.

Turmeric is a spice that gives curry powder its bright yellow colour. Turmeric contains the curcumin compound, which interferes with the ability of cancer cells to grow and spread. Research has shown that curcumin suppresses multiple types of cancer, including colon, breast, and pancreatic cancers.

If your stomach and your mouth can’t handle curry, which is often where you find spices such as turmeric, you’ll be able to get the same nutritional and medicinal benefits by drinking those ingredients in a smoothie. If you are hardship from stomach upset due to your treatment, ginger can help calm your stomach. Ginger is anti-inflammatory, gets rid of nausea, and may slow the growth of malignant cells.

Studies have shown that ingredients in rosemary can inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells and ovarian cancer cells. Although testing on humans remains incomplete, rosemary certainly makes your food more tasteful.

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