All What You Need To Know About Cat Food Basics


Cats, just like most of the mammals, are carnivores. It is one of the most significant things that we should put in mind when we have a pet cat. You should know how to feed them properly. Unlike humans and dogs, cats are different. They are not easily persuaded, especially in nutrition, and owners should always remember that.

They need to be fed with quite a few meats to gain a lot of fat and protein. Cats are different from humans and most especially different from dogs, which can be fed with different kinds of food and still be healthy.

Before you choose the type of cat food you will be feeding your cat, consider asking your vet for their recommendation and have your cat taste it to test it. If your pet cat enjoyed it and did not cause it to have diarrhea, then you have made just the right choice. But if it does not like the food, you should be prepared for other options in which it should choose. They are sensitive to the point that they will allow themselves to starve rather than to eat something they do not like.

Here properly are some of the basics to learn more about how to feed your cat :

Dry :

Too much feeding of dry food for your cat can cause it to have less nutrition that those that are eating wet food. A lot of dry food comprises of fillers.

Cats that are being fed with dry food commonly do not get the amount of water they need. And by this, they can have a higher chance of being dehydrated. If your cat eats dry food and you prefer to feed them so, you should let I drink a cup full of water for each 10lbs. of its body weight every day (by every day means within a 24-hour long period). It will need more during warmer weather. When you feed your cat dry food, you should provide a pure and attractive source of water that is fresh, just like a water fountain for pets.

Cats fed only by dry foods are most likely or are commonly prone to being obese or having obesity and have diabetes, unlike cats fed by wet food. To avoid these diseases, you should rely on dry food that is premium or switch to another diet like canned food.

Wet :

Just because dry food has a lot of disadvantages does not mean that wet food is considered better than it. It is not always the case that choosing wet food can make your cat healthier.

Dry food that has a premium quality is always better than a wet food that is cheaply produced. It is necessary always to verify if one of its number one ingredients contains protein and does not contain a by-product of the meat. Many people with cats say that this kind of food diet causes many dental issues such as gingivitis, but it is not an issue if you have regular cleanings and dental checkups.

Diet :

You should adequately observe and know the benefits behind the diet you are going to have for your cat. Always consider having a taste test done by your cat before choosing that kind of diet, whether it is dry or wet.

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